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Beacon Clipping


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The new beacon system in 5.15 seems to allow beacons to be embedded in geometry and they can be difficult to find. I already posted one example earlier (which I will repost below) but experienced a new instance this morning that was more egregious.

You'll probably need to click these into full screen to actually see the beacons.

Example 1 (Beacon is in PP geometry):


Example 2 (Beacon is in rock):


This second example is VERY hard, if not impossible to see.

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It only uses FastTrace´s at the placing of the beacons. So theres no traceflags involved. But maybe the FasTraces itself dont collide with the outer geom properly. Might be, but im not sure. Theres different placing methods based on the situation, not sure what is used on those spots. I´ll take a look.

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