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You guys I just figured out a secret about Kane!


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Facts about Kane:

-Has links to ancient Eqypt.

-Has lived for thousands of years.

-Has access to advanced technology.

-Has the means to regenerate his body when it gets badly damaged.

-Poses as a god and uses religion as a means to recruit followers.

Well let me drop this bombshell on you: Kane is a Goa'uld!!

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes.

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Despite the actual weirdness that is Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun, they build up Kane pretty nicely. He was one of the few "bad guys" that kept coming back in games while the good guys kept needing new protagonists.

They put a lot of hints in there, how he helped shape humanity, how he has connections to the Scrin and another alien race, how he knew about Tiberium beforehand and used that to build up Nod out in the open when Tiberium first crashed on earth.

Then came things like Tiberian Twillight which was supposed to "explain everything" and basically didn't do anything but build up more questions.

I mean, is he an exiled alien? Or did he crash there? Is he maybe a criminal alien on the run? Why is he so resilient, while the Scrin are far from as strong? Why does he have a human form? Was his whole "build up humanity" idea purely to get the technology to get off of earth and back to his own species? Is he still himself after Tiberian Sun Firestorm or is it a puppet made by Cabal afterwards?

I wanna know, WHAT THE HELL IS KANE!

They should scrap Tiberian Twillight from the canon (weird and dumb acting anyway) and build up the actual conclusion to Kane. How he got there, what he is, what he was doing, what it will mean in the end for humanity (after all he did try to use the more controllable Cyborgs to populate earth by first killing off all humanity) etc. I wanted to know about Kane, even if the gameplay was bad I would have tried playing the game just to know the answers, too bad they made Kane's end-game even worse than the game itself.

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We do not talk about Tiberian Wilight. Every night before I go to sleep I convince myself that C&C4 never existed, so that I can sleep without nightmares.

Apart from the decent gameplay, i don't even consider C&C3 as canon. It just made no sense for a game in the C&C universe, where humor always found a place, to be THAT grim. I just can't really accept that....

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