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Tiberium Silo


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In this thread we discuss ideas for the tiberium silo. Currently it's strategic value is low without the tiberium weapons available for all units. I'll try to make a list of my own suggestions:

- Silo/outpost (on big maps like lakeside and x-mountain): Capturing the buildings gives the team a gun emplacement that can be manned and a purchase terminal for infantry and items. This lets the team have control of the battlefield without having to go back to the base.

- Tank repair facility: repairs nearby vehicles

- Frontline communication center: Jams the enemys radar aka. minimap

- Purchasable tiberium weapons for vehicles: Earlier the purchasable sidearms made hotties a problem, well upgraded tiberium weapons for vehicles wouldn't be as drastic but still powerfull.

- Purchasable tiberium unit: some sort of mutant

- miscellaneous: All of the teams units cost a little less/buildings have more armour/ units have more firepower

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Currently it's strategic value is low

That's what newcomers actually believe

Yes you get some money and like 40 points for capturing it but it's strategical value is minimal right now. It should grant you something else. It's really fun to buy or unlock new special weapons/team powers and with the silo doing nothing else than making money it takes away some of the fun of the game. More strategical value of the silo gives the players something else to do other than the usual shooting at the enemys base.

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