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I... want to say I have been having problems with headshots myself, but that makes sense to me because I am terrible. I only snipe as utility, and it has been VERY necessary vs LCG and Mendoza.

I have in fact scored headshots. I just have a few times I hit LCG right in the skull and do 1/3 damage it seems like. I hit Mendozas and don't register at all. Little of both for Ravs. I hit a Mendoza like 1 time and it went from full health to 1% health, that was pretty satisfying. Other snipers occasionally aren't a problem, 1/3 of the time I kill them before they kill me, and it is usually a headshot.

So yeah, I don't know. Get someone to record, while in a test game, 2 people in the server, and have 1 guy run straight lines with a Rav like normal, and see if a headshot fails to detect, and how far forward or back it is.

Actually, this is a long shot, but what I do know, is the sprinting animation, used to displace the head farther back than it showed, on everything from hotwires to sydneys. Now, this is important, because sprint animation is blended on the spot based on "run speed" which is a common practice in UDK games (SMNC), yet depending on "speed difference", you may "sprint" but not get a "sprint animation" because it is tied to max speed and your max speed is a "Patch's walking speed".

Which begs the question "is the head being displaced like on sprint animations, during sprint, despite the visual appearance of a walk, which means the head is in the "sprinting" location while "walking" when "sprint isn't fast enough to activate sprint animation". Is just my first guess on a possible-reason.

Supplemental Reading on the Subject:

www.renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php ... 3&p=148193

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