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A Jury-Rigged Short-Airstrip?


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So, I rotated an Airstrip, slanted 2.8 degrees into the ground, buried it, and ran the level. It seemed to function.

As I suspected though, a beacon kills its buried end (one of the reasons I shortened it). So, I put blocking volume just along its surface, and upon remembering to double-check that it is set to "block-all", it seems to block the shot from the Ion Cannon Strike.

Is there any other erratic behavior I should expect from this before I continue on with things? Because it... opens up map design to have a Strip that consists of just it's closest 5 lights, the ramped segment just where those 5 lights are, and the circle part itself, with the other 4/5ths of it just buried (I am not experiencing any lights bleeding through the ground as of this moment either).

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If you want to have a short airstrip I think you're better off cutting the airstrip in 3ds and keeping the same UV's so you can use the same material in UDK.

Don't forget to shorten the collision mesh as well, else you can still 'hit' the airstrip by it's collision mesh.

If you don't want to do this, you can currently cheat your way around the collision by creating a thin static mesh with the builder brush on top of the airstrip, with a transparent material, without collision. So weapons only shoot the thin 'air' and not the strip and/or landscape that's underneath. Beacons will also get placed on top of this air

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