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Mini Clan/Team Wars


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Hey All,

Just thought I would throw this one out there, but as we now seem to be getting a full server every week when it comes to the PUG game maybe we could organize a small Renegade X tournament, small teams from 6-10 which should give a minimum of 6-7 teams and then have a few games each week either during the weekday evenings or on Sunday, I personally prefer the small games of Renegade back in the day and believe would be quite good fun, all be it trying to gets teams setup could be abit of a pain but once done have a thread setup showing team/player names and a table setup for wins/losses.

Just an idea :P

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Love your idea Glacious!

I think 6-10 people per team is too much, considering that on the last CW there was 9-10 per clan. Finding 5 x 6 ppl for this is more plausible and I believe that in a 5vs5 match the level of teamplay is most conspicouos.

To make this happen the real question is that can you find 6-7 team leaders who are able to build their squad in a given time.

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This idea's already being explored, and is definitely something that many people want to see done in some sort of form. I'd really like to have a proper spectator mode, and a couple designated commentators who can record some great videos if at all possible. Of course, that's part of a slightly different project, but can be related to this one.

In the mean time: yeah, I'm all for doing something on Sundays in smaller teams, though some sort of team size should probably be defined (say 6 players + 2 reserves?). Let me know if you want to try organizing this or need any help with it!

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Could this evolve into an official seasonal tournament?

There could be a link to it on the front page near the Stat, Download buttons (like Squad of the Season or Dead 6). It could contain the roster, current status, schedules, hall of fame, recordings/videos, etc, nothing fancy just a static page. I think we need this not just to get enough people for the tournament, but it would also show that even though there are no news -patching /updates takes some time- but there’s activity.

There could be a prize -which involves no money- a picture of the winner squad (like these guys) on the subpage or a custom announcement upon joining into the game -until the next season- (what the Devs have/had) or an EVA announcement :rolleyes:

I think this would have the potential to pull in some new blood or refresh some of ours, competition always does that. To this day my friends still trying to convince me to play LoL with them to kick ass. Looked into it… and concluded it’s utter crap I'm not into that shit, but what’s important that I got aware of it. Not the best story to support this but you get the picture, in smaller games this effect is more prominent.

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