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Game Breaking Problem with Ren X


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Hey All,

With the latest patch having just been deployed I would like to mention a serious game breaking issue that is causing me great distress.

As you can see below the text in the centre of the screen is not vertically aligned and off by at least half a mm.

Yosh or any fellow devs please fix this as it is making me really want to quit :(



Regards and thanks in advance Yosh and Co.

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I don't think the text isn't alligned. The reticle and building destruction message seems to be perfectly aligned with each other, I think it's the character that isn't in the middle which makes the rest look like it's too much to the right. Hasn't anybody nodiced this yet? lol

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That's disgusting!

And that huge rock in the background should have it's highest LOD model forced. (kind of nitpicky but seriously though, it's 1 checkbox, if it's gonna be visible from a large distance and be so gigantic, we dont want to see the low quality mesh. Not the right place for this I know.)

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