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So yeah, I'm that guy with no new ideas, and probably doing what everyone else is doing... a remake of Carnage Club. I will try to make it as much as a club as possible, with lights and props and stuff. I won't over do it with the lights, for sake of people's computers.


Another thing! What did you like about the last CarnageClub? What didn't you like about it as well? What would you like to see in this rendition?

What are some good songs? :o




(Lights are not on)

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The nice thing about Carnage Club? The awesome atmosphere provided by all the pooltables, disco floor and neon posters. (and off course nice soundtrack)

The not so nice thing about Carnage Club? Bad spawn points at times where you never managed to find someone to fight.

It is an iconic map. That is the best and only necessary thing to make this map amazing.

What you can do to improve it:

-->>make more floor space, keep the basic layout but like most renx maps stretched x2. Add more and viable cover, bars and pool tables and possibly dividers and pillars even.

-->>Add more comprehensive backrooms. Maybe make the manager office area accessible from 2 doors on each side of the stage.

-->>Add a modest outside area (where the bouncer would be). It is a DM map, it can extend into the black and you can use "gradient edging" to fade to black where the concrete turns to map end where the street would just about be. Possibly add 2 back-alley doors on each side. That way, the spawns don't feel as linear.

-->>You can either adjust the spawns like All Deck All Day where it gives you a random class and spawns you someplace independently, or you can make a spawn for teams with a PT and an "out of map HoN/Bar" and a mens and womens bathroom with team-blocking-volumes so enemies can't enter and space out the mens and womens exit so enemies can't cover both as easily

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I always played on the Carnage Club roleplay servers where it was a lot of screwing around and chatting people up. So don't make it all about just killing, add in some fun stuff. For example, I always wished there was an outside area that was a racetrack/obstacle course.

Maybe in the next version, just a thought.

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