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The TiberiumTree


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Please bring in the TiberiumTree ;)

It was always a missed part in renegade, wasnt it?

Wasnt it nice whe it returned in some fanmaps?

would be nice to have it standing inside the tiberiumfields, EVEN ON THE OLDSCHOOLMAPS (ofcourse in a place where it is not disturbing the classic map gameplay).

i have no idea how hard it is to model, texture and animate like 3 or 4 diferent looking trees ...

but if i am looking over all those stuff you already have done it must be a pice of cake for you.

for all of you who are with me please sign this post, for the rest ... DROP DEAD :angry: :unsure: :rolleyes: J/K ;)

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there also some of those trees in some custom maps ... gives the map a special, a better, ambience ...

bigwalls3pg7.th.jpg hillbillyvally2kx3.th.jpg metropolis1rf5.th.jpg

and in tiberian sun some more tiberium plants did appear ... like

mutationredux1mixti0.th.jpg mutationredux2mixnq6.th.jpg

those trees are animated :)

love those things to fill the map with life :lol:

the website linked on the pix is down :( , was just to lazy to remove


btw, not much response from the modders :(


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