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Repair Station


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It came up earlier in another post that the repair pad would be a wonderful thing to put back into the game but I just thought of some of the issues with it. Campers. People for whatever reason would park on one and refuse to get off. That would be fine for the one located in the field but for any in the base? Complete annoyance.

The solution? A repair station that is a hotwire repair gun set in a stationary base that allows the gun to rotate and aim at players and vehicles. If possible, it should be set so it cannot repair buildings or should simply be placed out of range of them. I am tempted to say that if people are oblivious enough to plant a beacon near the Repair Station or C4 then they deserve to have them disarmed by the repair station.

This would allow people, especially in flying maps, to come in, wait by the Station to be repaired and then leave immediately. Since it aims at what is being repaired one person blocking it would be impossible. Obviously, it would only help the team it's set up for.

An important benefit would be the end to the constant "I need repairs" being done by people in their own base.

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You're thinking way too much on a problem that simply does not exist. There are plenty of small ways to hinder the team like this and they rarely happen. Better yet, in this case you can just push them away.

I don't see anything wrong with the alternative idea for the repair station, but the reason if overblown. And we don't even have repair pads yet.

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The main advantage I thought of for the repair station is that it isn't very large and can be inserted into existing bases without cluttering them. Walls Flying would be an ideal location for one as people are often flying around the base asking for repairs because there's no defenses to keep SBH out.

Another thing is that the Repair Station would be destroyable and could not repair itself. I figured the health of a light tank would make it durable enough to survive small attacks but would be a prime target during attacks to cripple the enemy team.

Alternatively, an invincible version could be introduced as a capturable tech building. It's small size would allow for placement just about anywhere like on top of the mesa on Walls Flying to act as a dedicated aircraft repair station.

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I'd say it negatively influences teamplay and promotes commando's.

This is still a team-based game, in which you have to use teamwork in order to accomplish anything. Even repairing.

If you are so worried about your orca being stolen in the middle of your base, get your ass a hotwire or engineer and use remote C4's on that succer as soon as you purchase it! AFAIK no vehicle can be entered for 15 seconds after purchase by any other than the purchaser. Enough time imo, to place 2 remotes and refill.

If anything like that is to be iumplemented, it's on new maps in the form of a repair pad, like the original ren had. But not on all maps.

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Now, the Remote C4 on your own vehicle is an interesting idea. Only issue is if you get killed before you have a chance to detonate them.

Right, but that shouldnt happen in your own base or it's your own fault you didnt land that orca behind the WF, to cover against snipers.

It's not only an interesting idea, some might consider it teamhampering if you don't do it (to counter SBH hyjackers) and leave your vehicle in the field to repair it (med tanks/mammoths)

Being killed before you can detonate them, is a very weak excuse imo.

I do like the idea of a repair station for your vehicle only, as a tech building, somewhere out of the way. But the maps need to be a bit larger for that, X-Mountain size (vehicle side)

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I know it's a simple idea and I usually fly back to base if I do dare getting out of my Orca to repair it myself. It just becomes frustrating at times how some people take on repair duty at the start and then when you come back and expect to find them there they changed characters and left the base entirely.

The idea was centered around giving an alternative to MIA vehicle repair/base defense people when you just want a quick repair so you can get back to the action again.

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