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A few suggestions, if I may...

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So I thought I'd make a few suggestions/air some grievances.

Additional content:

Tracer-bullets for sniper characters (Marksman, BH, Deadeye, Havoc, Sakura): these would be either readily available for them next to the standard C4 or they'd need to be traded in, as if one were to select the grenades. These would be 3 special bullets, selected from the character's arsenal, either next to, or in the place of a C4. There need not be any new texture for any new object design.

When a player would select the bullets, the character-specific sniper rifle would be shown, and it could fire 3 bullets that would stick to surfaces, not necessarily to vehicles only. On impact they'd either give off smaller flashes (smaller than what beacons have), or they'd show a red diamond marker at their location. This effect would last for 10-15 second, maybe. The bullets would do no damage, and couldn't be disarmed. These could be used to mark Stealth Tanks, SBH or for allies to concentrate fire on a certain spot, or to mark the position of beacons, so allies could locate them faster. The flashes would be visible to all, of course.

Admittedly, this would be more useful to GDI, than to NOD, but it would give some anti-stealth balancing, I think.

Rocket-Flares: if not tracer-bullets, then these. All infantry characters would start with 1 rocket-flare in their inventory. Rocket-flares would behave the following way. When activated they'd sent a rocket straight up into the sky with a bright flare, and at the same time, leave a flare on the ground, as well. So infantry near and far could see the flare going up, and those nearby could find the spot more easily.

On Field: One can crouch behind the waterfall, down at its base, particularly with GDI, and from NOD's side it is, as I've experienced, near impossible to make out Deadeyes (specifically). I can happily snipe away. While this is, in itself, is just fantastic, that same spot should be available to NOD, but if one goes there with a NOD infantry, GDI (from their side) could easily spot infantry, because from their side, that spot is not obscured by the waterfall.

So, either they should make that spot more shaded, so it would be more difficult to make out NOD red and black colors, or they should make a narrow path behind the waterfall, as an alternative to the bridge, on which only one infantry could safely fit and cross, at any time. It would make for a good sniping, or hiding spot, for both sides.

On LakeSide, the grassy areas with the few trees, that are on both NOD's and GDI's side, down near their silo, at the other side of their rivers, should be accessible. It's only a small patch of ground. 2-3 med tanks could fit on it, no more, I think, but it would be a good spot to...uh...spot from, for airstrikes, sniping, and hiding, lying in wait.


Beacon Flash: The frequency with which the beacons flash should be reduced, so they'd be perhaps a bit more difficult to spot, especially when placed in a bush or something. Perhaps the size of the flashes should be reduced, as well.

Air-Strikes: As it has been suggested by several people, including our KathrineHunt, Air-strikes should be buffed, with their strength mid-way between what it is and what it was. Increase the price, too, if you must, from 700 to 750 or 800.

Heavy-Pistols: since their shots are incendiary, there should be some splash-damage, perhaps not as much as with Grenadiers and McFarlands, but at least some. When the bullet would impact right next to infantry, on a wall or the ground, in a radius that is equal to that of 1 infantry, or one and a half, standing right next to them, it should burn them. As far as I can tell it doesn't do that at the moment. Or the splash-radius is very small. The price of the Heavy-Pistol should be increased from 75 to 100, or even 125. This way, at a bit more price, it could be more useful, especially when someone is out of ammo for their main weapon.

NERF McFarlands and Chems. 'Nuff said.

Alter the scopes of the basic Marksman. That red upward arrow-like thing is reeeally not helpful. Make it similar to that of BHs and Deadeyes.

Buff speed of Stealth Tanks, a bit. Have to keep the sprint/speed-boost in mind, so it wouldn't be too fast. And perhaps reduce its armor some. For balance.

Bugs and Glitches:

Fix the frequent jamming of sniper rifles. Often happens on 4th shot, causing it not to fire. The number of times I missed a killshot...I miss a lot of shots, but that's not the point. :mad:

The AGT can still kill friendlies. Experienced it on Field.

I swear those Gun-Turrets, that GDI has, just fire at me sometimes when I come out of a building. I kept checking if it was SBH, but no. They just open fire for a fraction of a second. Do no harm. But, it can be distracting, and they give false alarms.


You can get stuck in the spot mentioned above, at the base of the waterfall, on Field.

You can get stuck below the ramps, on the sides, on Walls Flying.

The highest cliffs, on both sides of the Ruins, on Walls Flying, are only accessible by aircraft, but they shpuld be off-limits, by design. We've already established that people are to be kicked if they use that spot for sniping and the like. There should be invisible barrier placed to prevent aircraft from reaching them.

On Walls Flying, a lot of people love to glitch vehicles onto the top of the ramparts in their own base. I highly doubt this was meant to be. They told me there used to be an invisible barrier preventing such exploits, in the original map. Would be good to have it in place, again, then.

On GoldRush, the AGT can sometimes insta-kill you with an invisible rocket, or just wound you with bullets, if you just peek through the smallest hole while you're still on the other side of the factory building. It shouldn't be able to do that.

On LakeSide, as far as I know, the cliff above the GDI Barracks, accessible only via aircraft does Tiberium poisoning damage, but the cliff at the Hand of Nod does not, and GDI engineer could repair their orcas without any problems. Either it should be balanced, so the one above the GDI Barracks would not damage infantry, or both cliff should have invisible barriers to make them inaccessible.

EDIT: at the risk of breaking the double-posting rule, I'd like to copy part of my post about my suggestion to the over-mining problem and mining in general, from DerkThunder's topic.

It would be nice if a message would be displayed, either the green EVA-lines, or perhaps in the so-and-so killed so-and-so messages, saying that mines were triggered and at what building. Boink! Mines triggered at Weapons Factory! . The message would only be displayed to the person whose mines were set off, perhaps this could be for balance's sake, or simply to prevent messages piling up. It could also be displayed in blue, as a PrivateSay Message, with a sound-alert.

If one would press "Q" on a mine, as if they were spotting a unit or building...etc., the name of the player who placed that particular mine would be highlighted in the names list/mini-scoreboard on the right side of the screen, or the name of the mine would switch briefly to the name of the player that placed it, displaying that for a few seconds.

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Some of the stealth detection ideas you have here aren't bad, but they could prove overpowered against Nod in the sense that on top of tracer rounds and tactical flares, you have tanks and apcs rolling around and when they hunt for stealth tanks, they tend to spray the area with infinite rounds. being a stealth tank driver could be a very hazardous job if this were the case.

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