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Renegade X LobbyWar - This Weekend!


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Hello Everyone!

As many of you know, TmX and EKT had a Community War a couple weeks ago, which we all enjoyed; however, we'd like to bring the fun to the community as a whole. So, TmX is bringing you the first community-wide LobbyWar!


  • What: LobbyWar, where people from all over the community mix teams. They are led by two captains who try to lead their teams to victory (bonus points for creative/comical wins ih1mck.jpg)
  • When: May 17th and 18th (this Saturday/Sunday) at 8PM GMT

Signup and Details: TmX Forums

Hope to see you there. (You too devs, take a break!)

Currently have 11 people signed up in the 1hr. Don't worry, if we get too many of y'all, we'll make room one way or another :)

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Thank you to everyone who came out, we had a blast this weekend! I'm compressing/uploading videos as I post this, and an AAR (After-Action Report) will be posted soon along with gameplay footage. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Fraps to record my mic, so you all miss out on my harmonious voice ih1mck.jpg - the rest of our team TS chat is there though.

Here's a preview:

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