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GDI Harvester always gets stuck on Walls Flying

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I've only seen this happen with the GDI harvester, and on walls flying only. But it happens so frequently its really starting to frustrate me. Seriously this is a balance breaking bug that happens all the time, and completely screws one team.

The harvester will stop and get stuck right as it's going to unload. It will just freeze by the ref and never move. No matter how much you ram it with vehicles it wont get back to work, and since friendly fire isn't a thing in this game it's nearly impossible to destroy.

The only way I've found of fixing this issue is to ram the Harvey with a med tank until the Harvey is literally riding on top of the tank. Then drive it into the WF bay so a new vehicle purchase will destroy the harvester, spawning a new one.

The problem with this is A.) It's hard as hell to get the harvey into the wf bay. B.) It costs you a tank, and requires the WF to be alive and C.) It takes a good amount of time.

So I just thought I would bring this to the attention of the devs so they could look into this. Again this completely destroys the balance of the game when your harvester wont work and the other teams will, and it happens all the time to GDI on this map.

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The only way round this really is if on GDI use a medium tank which will allow you to get under the harvester and carry it on top of the medium tank and as the harvester is it a stuck position its wheel will now move then for once its on top

Of tank it should stay, then just drive it towards enemy and let them destroy it to get credits flowing again. If get stuck on NOD then use a APC/Light tank.

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