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Can't Download The Game


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I downloaded the .exe file and tried to run it, and a little loading window comes up saying renegade x is preparing to download. Once it hits 6-7% it just disappears, and nothing happens after. I checked to make sure it wasn't hiding in task manager. I've tried running as an admin and with various service packs but nothing seems to get it to work. I have windows 8.

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sounds like not a legit download ...

try one of these


normaly you download a huge file and then you install it ...

it is not a webinstaller where you only download a few KB first

and then the full download starts after you did run that tiny installer ...

you should probably run some Virus, Adware and Spybot scans

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No its not a web installer, its like those installshield type things when you're trying to install a program off a cd or something. I got it to work a little more now, somehow :S, it says preparing renx install with a loading bar and once it reachs 100% it says file is corrupt

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