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Many are annoyed, but it is not different from the original C&C Renegade, usually an APC/mammy was able to stick it behind the lamppost. Server Side mods like Dragonade/RC allowed a ''commanding'' player to (un)block it at will.

The drawback of Field is the base entrance....C&C Under is in my opinion still an underestimated map, very balanced.

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Jamming it into a lamp post was one of the stupidest things I ever ran across in the game - it showed how little into the future the players could see. Oh, yeah. It'll help for a bit - but if you break the siege and can't get the Harvester to stop ramming the post? It's a stupid move, not being able to get loads of credits. It's also an indictment of how terrible the map design was in Renegade.

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Don't think I ever saw it get properly jammed, could always push it back onto its normal track (back to the tiberium) but it wouldn't surprise me if it could get permanently stuck. Plus the smart players would usually remember to set it free again.

I think that currently its pretty good as the harvester can go over you when you drive at the front but it just needs a little something adding to it so you can reverse into it and it jumps over you instead of pushing/blocking you.

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I think that could have been considered a bug that became used regularly ...

like enter a PT through a wall ... thats fixed now

and it got stuck a lot of times on the post with no way to push it back ...

that even causes you to have people constantly tryn to unstuck it ... an other downside on that "tactic"

having the harvester can help you to break through the sige aswell ...

the tanks will shoot the harvester, at least some ... with the right timing you can use that for you advantage!

I hope they build in a routine that checks if the harvester has moved over 3 or 4 grid squares (or coordinates) in the last 60 or 90 seconds, and if not it just gets blown to respawn a fresh one ...

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