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Introducing the first _PROPER_ RenX Sniper Only Server


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Hello all,

I got a little bored and thought that I would take a crack at making some Mutators for RenegadeX.

After making a few, some serious and some silly I have made a proper sniper only server.

Server Name: [AGN-UK #1] Snipers Only

Server IP:

What makes this server different?

  • All base defenses disabled.
  • All weapons other than sniper rifles disabled.
  • All items (nukes, etc) disabled.
  • Harvesters disabled.
  • AGN's very own Anti-Bot mutator (No more pesky bots on the server!)
  • Unable to die unless you have a sniper rifle equipped (Impossible if you are a sniper) - stops purchase terminal camping.

I hope to see you in game for some pew pew action!

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