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Speed Hacker Caught!


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Hello Renegade X Community,

During one of my live streams I managed to catch a speed hacker. He goes by the name of -N@Ruto-. Sadly I am unsure if anything can really be done to the player (ex: ban), but I figure I would plaster his name in the forums so that server admins are aware of him and know to kick him on sight. Though if he is clever he will just change his name.

Here is a link to a highlight that fully exposes him using the speed hacks:


Be sure to spread the word. Hopefully the Devs can find a way to disable this hack.

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It has IP bans and server owners have the option to ristrict servers to steam users so that players can get banned based on steam account aswell. We will also add more functionalities to demos to show players steamid for example. Server owners could then for example set the server to always record a demo. Then you just need to name the time you saw a cheater and they can be banned after verifying it in the demorecording.

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yo i saw him as well i did a post topic about the same thing lol and the same guy :P i think the issue is that like people said can't ban them because can change name ect but if there was admins for servers then can just so a fast kick tho but 70% of the busy servers don't have admins

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This is just fucking stupid.

Game is out for like 1-2 weeks and it's already full of speedhackers. Can't play a game without there being a speedhacker ingame.

A game full of hackers is not a good way to advertise your next game as a company, just saying. You can't even kick them because noone reads that tinyass vote or chat with message being displayed for like 100milliseconds. :mad::mad::mad:

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