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cheaters ingame (Speedhack)


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ok just played a couple of games and just played a guy called [email protected] he was using a speed hack he was like flash and kills you in 2 hits unable to kill or kick ect because of the lame kick voting system crap and no admins on most servers it looks like his standing still but zooming all over the place can get to a other base in 2 secs and kills everyone on the team without dieing then sets beacons

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Well id suggest the possibility to make steam enabled servers only, so you can ban pr account, steam enabled servers could then have a shared accountban list to effectiveley ban cheaters across servers.

I would personally never play on servers that are not controlled like that in some way if i had the possibility, I saw this "speedhack" used just today and it instantly made me not wanted to play anymore.

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