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Feedback and Bug


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Hello first of all I wan't to thank everyone from Renegade X for bringing one of my favorite childhood games into the next generation of gaming!

First of all the resolution my computer runs at 1600x1200 isn't an option for resolution in the game and would love for it to be implemented to fit my screen better.

Second is a bug whenever the game launches before the main menu screen the opening music screen the screen is just displayed black and cannot see it at all. I do have dual monitors if its getting interfered which one to display on, but I really have no clue other than that

And last which if not under feedback or a bug but I don't want to make another post. Me and my brother use the same network and whenever we try to join the same server i'm automatically disconnected from the server or when I try yo join his server i'm placed into a random server. Update: Whenever I try joining any game whenever someone else on the same network is in a random game I get booted, its not even the same server.

P.S. It would be a very nice if you could implement a friend's list to join games faster w/o manual ip connecting so I can just hop on see who else is on and get in on the action a lot faster. And add favorite servers list.

Thank you!!! :)

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