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[FEEDBACK] PT colors


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I see why the PTs have the color they have ...

But if I remember correct in classic Renegade it changed its color depending on the buildings health.

GREEN = everything is fine

YELLOW = heavy damage

RED = destroyed

I mean ... for a second I have the feeling that, if I spawn as NOD, I spawn in a destroyed building or if I spawn as GDI I spawn in a building that needs urgent repairs

Somehow I still got it in me, spawning on a yellow PT means for me "buy an engi quick and repair the mct"

this kinda was a split second thing and could save a building ... served a big gameplay element

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Ill agree with the colors. It was nice to know at a quick glance that a building had taken damage. While we are at it, I don't like the PT menu. At first I thought it was cool to see the 3d render of the troop or vehicle. Now, I just find it cumbersome. I liked the large tiles in the original. I know, we are all so used to the original, but lets face it, there was good reason they designed it as such.

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