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Line of Sight/HUD


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This post refers primarily to the rocks and harvester, and the subsequent 'opaqueness/solidness' of those objects - at the moment there appears to be an issue with the obelisk and the AGT tracking through objects, i.e. being hit whilst behind both the harvester and the large rock formations.

There's also an issue that players can visibly see their enemies, whilst they are hidden/out of sight behind objects - for example in the original Renegade whilst 'harvester walking' you were never seen through the harvester; on Ren X a player is indicated on their screen whether they are 'in line of sight' or not.

Please can this be resolved, because if a player cannot be visibly seen on screen there should not be a indicator on a players HUD/screen giving them visual aid for their stupidity or lack of awareness.

Here's a picture depicting exactly what I'm referring to - this is just silly and should be resolved ASAP, being able to see people through an object is detracting from any chance of sneaking into a base and killing a building.



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