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Will Ren-X Black Dawn be patched soon?


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I am not sure if this was mentioned before, but after experiencing the new Ren-X MP version I was impressed with the new options. The installation method is getting better but I cannot believe that every UDK game must have a mandatory MS Framework 4.0 and VC Runtime installed. Guess what happened when I installed the MP version of Ren-X in Win7, the setup of MS Framework 4.0 was not responding despite the fact I already installed it a few months earlier. I terminated the setup.exe for MS Framework and surprisingly the installation of the game is finished.

On future versions of Ren-X MP (and even Black Dawn), make MS Framework 4.0 and VC Runtime as options for custom installation, not mandatory. Also please include safe mode and graphic option shortcuts before loading the game (just like how Max Payne 1/2 and Deus Ex Human Revolution did) so people will not have to find INI files just to modify the game graphic settings. Usually the first time you load a new game could wind up with an error or two.

But then the other question remains, will Ren-X Black Dawn be patched soon? The installation and the graphic options in Ren-X MP should be implemented to the SP version as well. Since the MP version isn't that very large, I think you devs can try to integrate the SP version with the MP version, just like all recent Call of Duty games, with separate shortcuts.

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I can not comment on the exact time of the patch, as I do not want to get in trouble for commenting on something not exactly set in stone, but internally there is a date and we are working toward that as this very moment.

For the SP comments. On one hand, MP comes first before touching SP. On the other, I would really love to see Black Dawn updated to the standards that MP achieves. I would also think it would be really neat to add it into the MP as a selectable option from the Main Menu.

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