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Weapon and enviroment artist


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Hi there, folks!

My name is Michael and i want to help your game development. Who am i?

I'm a 3ds Max modeller with 9 yrs experience, working almost in interiors and sometimes i making stuff for myself like weapons or level props. I know Kenz3001 (RenX mapper), we made together an alpha version of Re-Volt: RC Stories and started to develop Overcharged, but in case that he was busy with RenX our project was frozen, heh.

Here's my latest recorded stream. I'm making there a futuristic riffle off the reference:

Also, if interested, here's my portfolio - professional interior works and some off-topic game assets, which i made in different time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pieisalie/

My dream is leave interiors work and come to the gamedev, so if you'll invite me into the project, i'll try to show my best skills and make your game better.

And yes - this message was created after Kenz3001 asked me to write there ;)

Any comments, questions and other stuff are welcome.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my poor english skills (i'm from Russia, still learning english).

With best regards,


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