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Running The Server from the .COM


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Hey Guys,

I have an odd question. I want to run the server from UDK.com (not UDK.exe). If you want to know why, see my footnote at the end. For now, here's the problem:

When I run UDK.com the same as I do the .exe, everything seems to work fine. Until I close it. Once I close the .com (ctrl+c), it closes EVERY single instance of the game, INCLUDING .exes on the server. Meaning if I have run udk.exe 3 times, then run a .com and close it, it closes all of my exe-run processes. I have one simple question: WTF? And is there any command line argument or something to prevent this?

Why I want to do this:

I want to redirect stdout and stderr so I can read them from a parent process I'm working on. I can't do this if I run UDK.exe for some reason, presumably because of how it tries to create a child. If I use .com it works PERFECTLY, it's excellent. But then I go to close it and it ruins everything :)

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