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TheMittaniDotCom: Renegade X Released


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TheMittani Dot Com has made an article regarding the release of Renegade X of yesterday:

"Several of you may remember a little game called Command & Conquer: Renegade. Released back in 2002, it was a First/Third-Person Shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe. Taking control of a commando by the name of Havoc, the single player mode allowed players to take the fight to The Brotherhood of NOD from the ground. However, most who played it found their fun in the multiplayer mode.

Renegade's multiplayer can be summed up as "a match of Command & Conquer, but every player is a unit." The Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and Brotherhood of NOD (NOD) face off on several maps. Both teams have a base consisting of an infantry structure, vehicle structure, refinery, and occasionally a power plant and defense structure. Players can take on different infantry classes and drive vehicles in an effort to destroy the enemy base. Destroying structures hampers the enemy team in different ways; a loss of an infantry structure prevents switching to advanced infantry classes, losing a vehicle structure prevents a team from calling in vehicles, and destroying a refinery greatly impacts credit generation used to purchase said upgrades. With over a dozen infantry classes and five or more vehicles per team (many of them unique), many players have fond memories of Renegade.

Now those memories are back. The team behind Renegade X, Totem Arts, recreated the original using the Unreal Development Kit, updated the graphics and physics, tweaked the balance, and added a few new mechanics while maintaining the charm of the original. Completely free, Renegade X finally launched its open beta. Players can download the game from a host of mirrors or a torrent release and begin battling others for domination. Servers are already up and maintained by the community; several are already reaching the maximum player count of 64."


Check out the original page of this article by clicking on the link above!

A special thanks to Eltra Ardell for making the article!

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