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Toggle sprinting? (Solution found)


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Unfortunately I barely played for 30 minutes yet that I have a handache. Sprinting is a feature that -requires- a toggle unfortunately.

I have not found a comfortable setup for it. No matter where I put it, its just extremely weird and makes my finger aches.


Alt seems a bit better but still, not great, and it makes the menu pop up (uugggh)

EDIT: That was quick, I found a solution.

Go to ...\Renegade X\UDKGame\Config\UDKInput.ini

Find the two instances of "StartSprint | OnRelease StopSprinting" and remove "OnRelease StopSprinting"

For instance, this line:

Bindings=(Name="GBA_Sprint",Command="StartSprint | OnRelease StopSprinting | EnableOneClickDodge | OnRelease DisableOneClickDodge")

Will then look like this:

Bindings=(Name="GBA_Sprint",Command="StartSprint | EnableOneClickDodge | OnRelease DisableOneClickDodge")

Voila. Toggled sprinting. You do have to press it again after doing any action or stopping to start sprinting again.

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