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ISE - Introduction and Question to Devs


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Hello Totem Arts Renegade X Community,

Hey guys, It's Super Effective! here and I'm a huge fan of the original C&C Renegade (I think most people here are :) )

When I heard the news of Renegade X's Standalone I was extremely excited. I played religiously in my youth, and it's so great to see it return in high definition! I recently looked into the Black Dawn Campaign, and I'm having nostalgia overload, and I'm genuinely impressed with the cut scenes and voice work (same VO actors??)

My YouTube channel that has a modest subscriber base of 2000+, most of which is from my large community involvement with another game called Natural Selection 2. I have created many tutorials to teaching new players about NS2. I've been fortunate enough to garner the praise of the community, this eventually lead me to have close participation with the developers of NS2 themselves :).

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyO3JtXztfkK0EeC-vGhtZQ

Anyways, I would like to introduce Renegade X to my subscriber base and to help spread the word and build the community. But I have a concern about any legal issues.

I am hoping to monetize these videos, but I'm not sure if I should be asking Totem Arts or EA for permission, since EA owns the Command & Conquer Intellectual Property.

If there is a contact at Totem Arts to whom I can get an official response from, that would be ideal.

I wait eagerly for your responses :)

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Im not sure, but I think the game is technically copyrighted by both Totem Arts and EA. They could legally prevent you from monitization, but I doubt either would.

It does show the devs a certain amount of respect to ask them for permission, in any case.

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