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I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you (Renegade-X dev team, friends and family) on behalf of C&C fans all over the world for the time and effort you brilliant human beings have spent on remaking this timeless classic. You have my support until the last game server shuts down or I die; whichever comes first.

Oh, and thank you EA for not suing the team (as long as they don't charge players for their efforts). You are so generous and accommodating of the dedicated international gaming community. PS. Battlefield 4 is awesome. [/end vicious sarcasm]


(Sorry if this counts as spam, I just didn't know where else to post it and I really want to personally thank the team in an official, written manner for an official, praiseworthy effort. See you on the 26th :cool:)

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I think the sentiment is there.

I agree, they are very generous and have done an amazingly grand service to this large player network who cherishes this sort of thing. I too will support them and hope death comes first, and am thankful that if it doesn't then thank God they put a very good Bot AI in it this time *brofist*.

I also thank EA for the common decency to not shut this project down and let players of one of their games continue to play their game for a change. Can't say they extend that courtesy to every one of their game's playerbases, a lot of them are just cut off, and probably not allowed to be sustained by playerbase via DRM. Thanks EA for letting a playerbase actually keep their game afloat without snatching it up like we never payed you for it in the first place. I can honestly say I can hate EA a little less now.

Also, hope to see you in-game. Can tell you just found out about this. I have been spreading the word. If you remember any old contacts who you might be able to get ahold of, spread the word around. See everyone on the 26th!

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