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Let me first thank Fobby for thinking that I have what it takes to do textures...

However...I must say this:I only started doing textures a few weeks ago..And it is highly unlikely that I will be able to run UT2K7 in any case.

Now that I have said that...

Let me say that I am taking this into the utmost consideration.

But again I must remind you that my PC's specs are well below average "2.13 GHZ celeron D 1GB RAM and a 256MB GeForce FX 5200...AGP model" that can't even hold it's own against a 1.5GHZ PC on UT2K4.

And the fact that I have only been texturing for a few weeks.

Now..Back to the topic at hand...

As of now I have not reached a decision yet...but I will have within two days tops.

Even if I can't help you in the area of textures...I do run a TS server that I would be happy to let you use..."never gets used right now...so I'm looking for a way for it to actually get used....."

Once again...Thanks for considering me...

I will post again when I reach my decision.

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I have reached a decision...

Yes I will help...

as for this...

Originally posted by CarrierII

As for your PC problems. get some more RAM and swap that celeron out for a P4 with a similar, preferably higher, clock, and you will get by.

Also, AGP cards are dirt cheap nowadays, so you could upgrade that as well.

this can be solved with money...witch I have none of...so I'm going to try to save up for a few months and get me a"bleh" dell...

heh...I'm pretty sure I can get one with a discount....

and oh ya...feel free to use this...


Note: My name in there will always be "Master_Frag"

ask me if you want a channel created...

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Originally posted by [NE

Fobby[GEN]]I wish life was that easy bro 8)

Anyways warnow, add me on MSN. My address is in my profile. I just want to go over a few things with you.

bah...I don't use MSN...the damn thing won't send me a confirmation letter...

and if I recall...Windows Server 2003 doesn't have MSN....

I do use Xfire and Skype though...

Edit:got MSN...and it actually sent the confirmation email this time :|

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