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Hello everyone I'm absolutely new here, but was an old Renegade X tracker, and was downloading UT3 specially for it for 9 moths lol, my inet speed really bad. Today, I've installed UT3 and RenegadeX, but I can't try it, even the single player. I chosen the path to UT3.exe file, but when I'm trying to join server (wich has 9999 ping shown), or trying to start a singe gale, I'm recieving an error:

Steam error.

Application load error 5:0000065434

Does anyone knows, how can I fix it?

Hunter-Seeker (Steven119)

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the singleplayer version (or Black Dawn for now) is not finished yet, but we all hope it will be soon :D

besides from that, you were supposed to have a LEGAL copy of UT3, and what you are doing now is pirating it, so i'm afraid i may not help you...

not that i think you are the only one... this game is just TOO awesome and it's worth the waiting, just like i am waiting now :)

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Well, I have find out about the error, I just had to dld UT3 2.1 patch, and now it works, but a new problem:

When I'm trying to join to a server, I click Join, and it sends me to the game menu, where its said that something is downloading, but soon this message vanishes and idk what to do now, I was waiting for dld finishes for 20 min, but Idk did it finished and was that a dld, lol, so Idk, maybe I need to dld some update for Ren X?

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