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A few things to think about:

1. Modifications

Are you going to make a (SSAOW) or similar for the coders to modify their own personal server on the game?

2. Languages

What language are you currently coding the game in and what language will people have to learn in order to modify the game/server?

3. Avalability

One of the things i find most annoying and would rock if you made it. The ability to make new textures/objects for induvidual symbols in the game so you can create new vehs/chars/objs that will be available server-side and a client side downloader

4. Flexability

The LAG/PING/SFPS of the game would be a problem if the symbol/objects are too big. How are you planning on fixing this server/game/mod side?


And finally i am a coder of C++/PHP/Flash/HTML and was wondering if i could be of any assistance in helping with the coding side of the game i cant texture/skin so i would be useless at those kind of things but mayby would be a help with the coding side of it. I think this mod does have some potential but i would hate to see it die like the recent decieced reborn or something that has been on 90% for like 4 years biggrin.gif

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Im not sure about the first questions, I dont think we are plainning to do anything like that.

Reborn hasn't truly been at 90% for 4 years, I dont think were currently at 90% anyway. Its really hard to judge a mods completion, I dont think moddb should even have a % complete thing.

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1. Servers will be able to do alot more with our mod then they have with SSAOW, From gametypes to vehicle/mine limit to limiting characters per team...anything that we can control can most likely be set by an admin.

2. UT3 is coded in C++ (90% sure), another part is kismet scripting, but you wont need to learn that at all, a server.cfg file should have everything you want to change in it...also at server runtime, we should included a vote/admin GUI similar to "mani's mod" for CSS

3.Well, as far as textures, we dont plan on adding anything special in that area that doesnt allready ship with UT3, if UT3 has a server side decal placement, then we could use their option for our mod.

4. I dont understand, symbol/objects?..what are you referring to?

We may need your help, at this time I'll go thru our current coders and see what needs to be done, I'll need some example of your work, you can PM me with links to your work if you'd like.

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Originally posted by Titan1x77

2. UT3 is coded in C++ (90% sure)......

The UT engine is coded in C++, but to make mods and TC mods if you aren't planning on licensing the engine you use UnrealScript. It's pretty close to C++. Saying that this is the case for UT, 2k3 and 2k4 but I don't know if it has been changed in UE3.

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