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New Case Mod


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Hey guys, my mate known as The_Exorcist he got all his pc parts god knows how lol. Anyway he need a case so awhile ago we used one of my old ones that had been abused and pulled apart of case modding parts anyway, so we threw this all together in this bare bone case which we mounted fans too (we had a mass excess of fans, so we mounted 5), The power switch and reset switch where taped on the side of the case in a Gigabyte North bridge heat sink, The switchs just fitted in so we taped it there and they worked fine, and we got many laughs at lans.

Anyway to celebrate its 60% CPU stable overclock (2.1ghz to 3.4ghz), As we have been told the power switch looked like a remote detonator I decided to finally make a new power switch.

Here a photo below.



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Today i got a mercuary switch so i can set up the remote to only work when facing right way up, i also got a dead mans switch which i am planing on adding in there as the reboot switch.

But over all i like my work :)

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