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Unique playermodels?


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Ut3 already has a simple player creator, so I don't see this being difficult at all...

But I was wondering if it is possible for you guys to add in a playermodel creator at the beginning of the game so that you can have a unique look, unlike in Renegade where all the characters looked like eachother in each class...

Perhaps this isn't such a good idea, based on the fact that it is a class-based game and is actually based on original characters... But maybe it should just work with free characters such as the soldier, the engineer, shotgunner, grenadier, flamethrower, and not with any of the Dead Six or Black Hand. Or this can simply be a created face added to the head of the provided model.

If that isn't such a good idea (It's not so simple... And no one would really notice a simple face differentiation), perhaps because I was a little too obsessed with The Sims as a kid, maybe it would be better to just add an avatar to each character. Like a tatoo or a patch sewn into their sleeve or something. Perhaps if that's the case, you can add medals and more patches with achievements (much like in Team Fortress 2) to the character's outfit!

I like this idea best out of the ones I have stated... And I hope you at least think about these suggestions before deciding that you don't like it... But maybe you will... IDK

Please respond!

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