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OMG Renegade's my favorite game!


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You can play Renegade by buying it off of Ebay and installing it (or buying The First Decade, or in another C&C collection). :P

But I'm assuming you mean Renegade X. It isn't out yet so you'll have to wait. You'll need to buy Unreal Tournament 3 because Renegade X can't run without it.

We're very optimistic that we'll have a Beta release in 2009. We're not setting release dates though.

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QUOTE (Galen @ Feb 12 2009, 07:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Well as long as the team doesn't quit on it, I don't really mind when it comes out.[/b]

I am sure if all the team where to suddenly quit they would probably release it as is, and allow others to continue there work.

But i don't think anyone will be quitting.
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