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  1. Before I start randomly changing settings, is it possible dd-wrt is blocking it with these settings? Tanks a lot.
  2. CL Smooth


    “Capture the TV station to the east.”
  3. CL Smooth

    Everybody Loves Seth

    You know, sometimes I get the feeling that Seth may actually be setting us up to fail.
  4. CL Smooth

    Smooth Operator

    "Success walks in hand with failure." Molon labe
  5. "Based on his appearance in the final scene he appears in, he has contracted Tiberium poisoning in the line of duty, and presumably died due to the lack of viable treatment at the time." (C&C WIKI) The further exploits of Commander Carter have remained shrouded in paranormal events and vast deep-state government conspiracies for decades. But the truth is out there. Spoiler alert: Bad and corny memes ahead.
  6. Another tale from the legend of Commander Carter's Lost Brigade!
  7. CL Smooth


    Someone always asks during WALLS.
  8. More commanders need to try the double rush!
  9. Nod soldiers could never use the "I was just following orders" excuse, because Nod soldiers so rarely ever follow orders.
  10. CL Smooth


    What has 32 earrings and 48 rockets loaded?
  11. CL Smooth

    Player Cards

    I like these. They are very cool and creative.
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