Totem Arts

We are the ever-constant evolution of development borne from the passion and desire of some mad few to revive something they love.

This means we have a storied history, one with ups and downs as members come and go from the team and community, their own unique addition stamped into the game and memories of those who played in our time together. Such is the way with volunteer projects.

Through the many years and development, it's become clear that our work is a conversation between our community. They are us and we are they, the Swayze to our Moore and the direction to our creation.

This is our core tenet and will forever be our driving force, support the community.

Our history begins with

Renegade 2007 forming the backbone and stepping point for the team, looking to port over in a one-to-one basis the original Renegade title which provided a crucial element in the formative moments of the team as it provided an undisputed focus with which they could rally. This was a straightforward affair with a job done.

That changed when Unreal Tournament 3 became available.

Couple that with a little initiative and passion and a tech demo of sorts was born, breathing that passion to the rest of the team.

From here came the community and our first playtest sessions (still running today), which actively encourages discussion from all and makes sure they are involved in the process of discovery and feedback, allowing developers big or small to focus the lens on the aspects to improve together.

As time went on our popularity grew, enhanced by some vocal members of the C&C community already well established, awards were won, and recognition followed as the team swelled.

This small video prompted a spark as the scales of stiff, rigid infantry movement fell away, replaced with an ever-increasing excitement that fed from discovery to accomplishment as the team explored just what they could do, what new life this universe could be brought.

History repeated itself with a new engine before us however, UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

With new members the need to push the boundaries came naturally and so UDK was attempted with rigour rather than resting on the laurels of past victories, challenges arose however in this pursuit as UDK lacked elements of the original game and UT3 meaning they had to be remade from scratch.

Black Dawn was created as a means to understand this new engine, to develop the missing segments and explore a single player narrative however small, whilst it took a number of years it provided a solid foundation on which Renegade X rests even today.

Despite the warm reception and buzz from across the gaming journalism sphere, it was not to be clear sailing through to launch of Renegade x, we stumbled and underestimated quite how popular the game was going to be, weeks and weeks of full servers strangled us with our own success and with such numbers revealed undiscovered instability issues, moderation inadequacies and some just simple balance failures.

But as before, these were our challenges to meet and slowly but surely the issues were ironed out, the memory a useful lesson for the future whilst we improved accessibility across the board, moving to SDK to allow community modders to customise the game and create their own maps, some of which made official, and their creators brought on board.

More and more the port evolved along with the team, with change, came opportunity, difficulties and one only must play the games back-to-back to see just how far it's come.

And now comes newer engines, Unreal Engine 4 sits pretty in the corner of our eye whilst we bring to life the end of the world in Tiberian Sun, our last project on the UDK engine, learning from the mistakes of our past, growing and moving forward hand in hand with the people who play our games to shape something more.

Firestorm is our next step, from there who knows, but looking back it's clear we'll keep going, maybe you can join us?